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           Exhibit Opening  1-5 pm  with live music from The Rising Sons

5-31       Gallery exhibition - 'APRIL SHOWERS, MAY FLOWERS' A collective                  exhibit featuring new art from new artists celebrating the rebirth of                    Spring and all her colorful beauty.



           Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-21       Gallery exhibition - 'APRIL SHOWERS, MAY FLOWERS'


7             Exhibit Opening  1-5 pm  with live music TBA

7-31       Gallery exhibition - ‘INSIDE OUTSIDE' - A very special and                                         unique exhibit offering a rare glimpse inside the art referred to                                   as Self Taught, Naïve, Folk, Brut, and also known as “Outsider                                     Art”. A genre of art that is gaining awareness with deserved                                         respect while initiating dialogue around the questions of who                                     are artists and what is art?   

 August                                                                                                                                   4            Gallery open  1-5 pm  with live music TBA.

               Join us for a lively afternoon surrounded by beautiful                                                     art & live music. A free, all ages, rain or shine event.

 1-18      Gallery exhibition - 'INSIDE OUTSIDE'  


1             Exhibit Opening   1-5 pm  with live jazz from the Mark Lewis Quartet                                                                 more info at

1-30       Gallery exhibition - 'RELIGION & POLITICS' - Art of the systems for                  the collective masses. This election year, Join the Art Party!!!                            Come gather to enjoy remark-able art, live music, spoken word, food,                drinks and a great time of social-eyezing.


1            Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-20      Gallery exhibition - 'RELIGION & POLITICS'


10            Exhibit Opening  1-5 pm

1-30        Gallery exhibition - 'SELECTED' - An annual exhibit                                              showing a variety of selected works from our unique and                                      talented gallery artists. This giving season, give a gift from                                  the heART that will last forever. We'll have mimosas, coffee,                                tea, hot cider and pastries to accompany your creative journey.

December - April 2025

               Gallery open by appointment

               Gallery exhibition - 'SELECTED'   


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