May               Due to COVID 19 regulations, until further notice, we

                         wlll be open for live viewing by appointment only. 

                        Gallery Opening  1-5 pm - By appointment

 3-31                  Gallery exhibition - 'Far-out' - Craig Rogers - Solo Show.                                 Celebrate spring alongside art with an abundance                                              of colors of which you have never seen before. A solo                          exhibit featuring the amazing uniquely colorful and textural                          art of Slotin's Folk Art Auction artist, Craig Rogers. 




7                        Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-21                 Gallery exhibition - 'Far-out' - Craig Rogers - Solo Show

July               We are open and adhering to CDC and Washington State                                                 guidelines for distancing and required masking.          

5                        Gallery Opening  1-5 pm

5-31                 Gallery exhibition - 'Connectivity' - A collective and multi medium art                                      exhibit expressing states of being connected and the interconnection                                      of the natural, physical and material. Enjoy an afternoon re-connecting

                        to art and creative community.


2                        Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-23                 Gallery exhibition - 'Connectivity'   


                        Gallery Opening   1-5 pm   w/limited occupancy per Covid guidelines.

6-30                  Gallery exhibition - 'Religion & Politics'  - A rare collective exhibit.

                          Every 4 years we show a variety of provocative art adressing the systems                                 of the collective masses and the effects on human social-eye-zation.                                        Join the ART Party! and share in creative conversations with artists,                                   and enjoy live music, snacks, beverages and remark-able art.                   


4                          Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-27                   Gallery exhibition - 'Religion & Politics' 


15                          Gallery Opening  1-5 pm w/limited occupancy per Covid guidelines.

15-30                  Gallery exhibition - 'Selected Works' - An annual exhibit showing a                                             collection of selected works from a variety of gallery artists. Give a gift                                         from the heART this year. We'll have mimosas, coffee, tea, hot cider  and                                    pastries to accompany you on your creative journey.


December - April 18, 2021

                                  Gallery open by appointment w/limited occupancy per Covid guidelines.

                            Gallery exhibition - 'Selected Works'