May               COVID 19 regulations may be in effect if applicable. 

2                         Gallery Opening  1-5 pm

 2-31                  Gallery exhibition - 'R3' - Craig Rogers, Dave Russell, Milo Redwood                                      Celebrate spring alongside art with an abundance of colors of which you                                  you've never imagined. A collaborative exhibit featuring unique and amazing                             art from these 3 Port Townsend area artists.




                       Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-20                 Gallery exhibition - 'R3' 


                       Gallery Opening  1-5 pm

4-31                 Gallery exhibition - 'FACE to FACE' - A collective and multi medium art                                       exhibit illuminating states of expressing and representing faces of any type                                anyway, including people, animals, buildings and everything in between.

                         Enjoy an afternoon of reconnecting and viewing art and each other face to face

                         with great art, live music, beverage and snacks.


1                         Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-23                  Gallery exhibition - 'FACE to FACE'  


5                          Gallery Opening   1-5 pm  

5-30                  Gallery exhibition - 'SCAPES'  - A collective exhibit that includes an array of                               scapes. from land, sea, sky, street, building, body and other forms of place.                                 For those who haven’t been out much, it’s time to escape and see art!                                         Come hear live music, joined with food, beverage and creative community.



3                          Gallery open  1-5 pm

1-27                   Gallery exhibition - 'SCAPES'


14                          Gallery Opening  1-5 pm

14-30                  Gallery exhibition - 'Selected Works' - An annual exhibit showing a                                             collection of selected works from a variety of gallery artists. Give a gift                                         from the heART this year. We'll have mimosas, coffee, tea, hot cider and                                    pastries to accompany you on your creative journey.


December - April 17, 2022

                                 Gallery open by appointment

                            Gallery exhibition - 'Selected Works'